сряда, 6 септември 2017 г.

When Dimple met Rishi

Hey, hello, hi! Here I am (a month later) with a review for When Dimple met Rishi by Sandhya Menon. So let's begin, shall we?


Dimple Shah is an ambitious high-school graduate who knows exactly how she wants her life to be. She is so tired of her Mamma's obsession with her following the old Indian traditions and just wants to go to college already. Whereas Rishi Patel is the complete opposite. He is a hopeless romantic who truly believes in tradition thinking it is something bigger than him.
Although they are so different, they happen to get into the same web developing summer program and somehow start actually getting along (and are those love sparks between them?).

What I like

When Dimple met Rishi is so heartwarming. It makes you believe in Kismet or fate or whatever you call it. Also, it is filled with humour. I laughed out loud not one or two but multiple times, while reading it. Although it is cute, it delivers a couple meaningful messages to the young audience. One of them being "family is a vital part of your existence". I liked how parents are presented realistically and that they are a major part of the story (something not so commonly seen in YA-literature). Dimple can't stand her Mamma's rambling about finding the ideal Indian husband, but once things get complicated, the only thing the girl needs is her parents' support. 
The other message is that tradition is important. I loved the way we are introduced to the Indian culture and the believes Indians have. Yes, arranged marriage is still a thing and it sounds ridiculous. But we are shown that it really is something practical that may or may not work, yet it is never obligatory to marry the person your parents have chosen for you. They just recommend you a husband/wife. However, you make the choice.

What I dislike

Well, I loved this book, so it's hard to think of something I disliked about it. However, when I was picking it up, I read a couple reviews on goodreads saying that Dimple is physically abusive towards Rishi. I understand from where people might get this impression. There are times when she punches Rishi in the arm or ribs, but honestly it is completely normal and commonly seen for teenagers to do this kind of thing when feeling uncomfortable or awkward. Also, I didn't see any indication of Dimple trying to deliberately harm Rishi in any way. Thus, I don't think there is any physical abuse.

Who I recommend it for

I think When Dimple met Rishi is the perfect summer to autumn read. This book is so cute it makes you smile, but it is not overly sweet or cheesy. If you are looking for a cute contemporary, where cultural diversity is evident, or a book that is funny and makes you think at the same time, then When Dimple met Rishi is just for you.